Month: May 2021

Australian Winery Maps Is a Great Resource

Wineries are aplenty in the beautiful state of Australia but you may find that there are just too many of them to choose from when looking at Australian winery maps. In that case you might want to take a trip to the state and check out some of the many winery tours available. You might even find that a visit to the state may spark an idea for an upcoming wine tour to Australia or maybe even one of the area’s fabulous restaurants. The point is that no matter what your reason for wanting to see a winery you will most likely find quite a few in and around the area.

Australian winery maps


One winery that you should definitely check out while you are in the area would be Eltham Vineyard. If you have never been to Eltham you should give it a shot. It is located at the foot of Blue Mountain at approximately forty-five minutes from Melbourne. There are two main vineyards here including the main production facility as well as a smaller tasting room for private customers. This is the perfect place to get acquainted with some of the varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah that are grown in this district.


Another place that should also be on any potential Australian winery maps would be the Penrith Valley region of New South Wales. If you love local food and really enjoy good wine, this is the place to be because you will find more than three hundred wineries here in the total area. This includes some of the best-known names in the industry such as Mount Hotham, Wingnut Creek, and Main Wine Estate. As you can imagine this is a massive area and if you do not know exactly where you should be going to see it all you probably need a hand with the regional map of New South Wales. That would be another area worth considering when it comes to visiting a winery in the area.

Best Wine Regions in Australia in 2021

It is time to find the best wine regions in Australia in 2112 and this article will give you some recommendations as to where you should be looking. In the past, wine was served with foods, and often with bread rolls. That was then and this is now, but the basic fundamental rules are still in place for a good meal. This means that you can have a great meal with wine, but the flavours of the wine will also complement the foods that you have with it. The best wine regions in Australia in 2112 are situated in and around the Capital Region in Victoria.

best wine regions in Australia in 2021


Geelong, in the state of Victoria, is one of the best wine regions in Australia in 2112 because of two factors. Firstly, the region is a true microcosm of what Australia is all about – high levels of prosperity, innovation and diversity. Victoria is the true diversity, as there are plenty of regions that are visually interesting to visitors, yet are far out of reach of other cities. Victoria is home to Phillip Island, one of the most spectacular destinations in the world, and the natural environment and flora of the region are simply stunning. You should not have trouble finding accommodation, and with plenty of cafes, restaurants and pubs dotting the region, there’s never a dull moment. The region also has plenty of history, with its link to Victoria’s colonial history.


If you’re interested in other parts of the country, you may want to check out New South Wales, although this is a more intense experience than what you would get from a medium-sized region like Victoria. This area is best suited to a more intimate experience, so if you’re looking to impress your guests, a wine tour with a focus on the Great Dividing Range may be more fulfilling. It will certainly be different than a dinner with wine and dessert.

Australia – A Nation of Vines

The current global wine industry is dominated by the big three international brands; Diageo, Mondavi, and Chianti but there are many small and emerging Australian wineries that have taken on a significant share of the international market. With premiumization becoming more important to consumers, more consumers are looking for premium wines above the cost of basic table wines. Australia has an abundance of both family and corporate-owned vineyards and many of these wineries are experiencing very rapid growth. A growing number of Australian vineyards are offering premium varieties of wine at premium prices in order to attract and retain their premium vineyard visitors.

Major Wineries in Australia


Wines from the coastal regions of New South Wales, the Hunter Valley and the Barossa Valley in Victoria and South Australia, as well as the Margaret River region in Western Australia, are some of the best in the world. One of the most popular Australian premium wines is the Chianti Classico, which is produced in the northern part of the country. This wine, which comes in four grapes, is renowned for its complexity and is a perfect example of a red grape varietal. It originated in the Montalcino district in the Italian hill town of Friuli but is now grown throughout the whole of Italy. Another excellent wine grape variety in Australia is the Black Label, which refers to a red variety of grape that is not treated with any chemicals or pesticides during the growing process.


The main Australian premium grape varieties in 2021 were the Barossa Valley Shiraz, the Hunter Valley Shiraz and the Barossa Valley Syrah. It is no surprise that more people are paying attention to these quality wines coming from Australia’s major wine producers because they are recognized as premium varieties that are enjoyed by connoisseurs all around the world. The Australian wine industry is fast growing because of the increase in demand from Asia, particularly China. The leading producer in this region is the Charles Lamb Tassieux, having a production of about 2.3 million bottles of wine each year. The leading wine brands are also produced in other major wine producing regions of Australia such as the Margaret River, South Australia and Victoria regions.